Domestic oil production key to energy independence

California consumes all the oil and gas generated in the state, but demand requires us to import more than 60% of our energy. Growth in alternative energy sources will help meet some future demand, but as long as oil is necessary, it should come from local sources rather than from unregulated foreign countries.

Creates jobs and adds billions in economic benefit

The petroleum industry provides tens of thousands of jobs and generates billions in state and local tax revenues. A CSU Fresno study projects future development of oil and gas reserves could create up to 195,000 new high paying jobs and generate as much as $22 billion in additional personal income.

Billions for schools and other services also at risk

The same CSU Fresno study concluded that enhanced extraction of oil and gas in California would generate up to $6.7 billion in additional revenue for state and local governments. Bans on energy production and new taxes would jeopardize these needed new funds.