Energy is essential to every part of a farming operation — energy powers our machines, pumps our water and transports our products. A reliable and affordable energy supply feeds Californians.

Roger Isom

President, CA Cotton Ginners and Growers Associations and Western Agricultural Processors Association

Energy independence is absolutely vital for virtually every sector of the small business economy.

Betty Jo Toccoli

President, California Small Business Association

A strong energy industry provides much needed benefits to our community including resources for our schools and jobs for our students.

Frances Squire

Executive Director, West Hills Community College Foundation

We can choose to continue to develop our own energy supplies which will create jobs and generate revenues or we can send those dollars and jobs away to foreign counties. Let’s keep jobs here in California and support working families.

Maggie Mejia

President of Latino Community Roundtable of Stanislaus County

Banning safe energy production is irresponsible and will hit the Valley’s Latino workforce particularly hard by sending valuable jobs and revenue to other states and countries.

Blodgie Rodriguez

Chairwoman of the Board, Kern County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Oil and gas production is and has been a fundamental part of our local economy for decades. The energy industry generates revenues that help support our schools, libraries, community centers and public safety. It brings jobs to our community and supports the local businesses that serve our citizens. Responsibly developing our energy supplies is the right thing to do for our community.

Cheryl Branch

Executive Director, Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches

The energy industry supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and billions in business sales in Los Angeles County which directly and indirectly benefits our more than 12,000 members. Continuing to responsibly create energy here in Los Angeles is the right thing to do for California and the right thing to do for California’s electrical workers.

Marvin Kropke

Business Manager/Financial-Secretary, IBEW Local 11

Oil and gas production is the lifeblood of Kern County, but also critical to the entire state of California. Efforts to ban safe extraction are misguided and would not only cost this county thousands of well-paying jobs, but also force all Californians to depend more on oil from foreign countries.

David Couch

Kern County Supervisor

Continued, safe domestic oil production is critical to this region’s economy and to local property taxes that help fund our schools, police and fire departments. Thoughtful dialogue and strict regulations must guide decisions on oil production in our state.

Derek Robinson

Kern County Firefighters, IAFF Local 1301

Energy bans and oil taxes will only serve to hurt our local economy. Responsibly developing our energy supplies in Orange County will protect jobs and revenues that taxpayers can count on.

Carolyn Cavecche

President & CEO, Orange County Taxpayers Association

Letting foreign countries supply our energy is irresponsible and leaves us vulnerable to spikes in gas prices and even gas shortages. We should not allow other countries to dictate how much oil we can import or how much it will cost. By developing our abundant oil supplies, California can be in control of meeting its energy needs.

Debra Gaylord

The courier industry relies heavily on a reliable and affordable energy supply to serve our customers. Our bottom line and the jobs of our employees is directly dependent on a stable energy supply.

JR Dicker

President, Gold Rush Express Delivery

Relying on foreign countries and other states to meet our energy needs makes no sense when we can produce oil here in California. Domestic energy production means jobs for Californians.

Kenneth Groves, Sr.

Army Veteran

We live in an increasingly unstable world and California needs to produce its own energy. We have abundant resources and the technology to produce it safely, cleanly, and efficiently. Using our own resources will reduce our dependence on imported fuel.

Anne Jeffries

Oil is a part of every aspect of our daily life — it fuels our cars, grows our food and powers our electronic devices. In Kern County, we work every day to responsibly develop the energy supplies that are essential to every Californian.

Greg White

Efforts to ban oil production not only increase our reliance on foreign oil, but jeopardize my job.

Lucas Weeks

The energy industry creates high paying jobs for workers who support my business and our local community. Let's keep Californians working and our communities strong.

Jeff Lyon


Our society always talks about buying local products and goods to support our local economy, but when it comes to our oil and gas we seem to have another standard. Buying our oil from foreign countries makes no sense when local supplies are available. We should support local oil and gas production in California to boost our economy and provide much needed tax revenues to support our local communities.

Mario O. Faldivar

Owner, Las 3 Monarcas

Banning oil production in California won’t help our communities and it will not help our economy — it will only help foreign countries.

Sam Dashti

Owner, Investors Properties Management

Every aspect of my business depends on affordable and reliable energy--lighting and heating my store, powering my technology and transporting my goods. Energy is critical to meet my customers’ needs.

Julio Matus

Owner, Matus Auto Upholstery

Running a small business is challenging enough without worrying about energy costs. A reliable and affordable energy supply is essential to my bottom line.

Andres Misnuz

Owner, Carnitas El Veneno Restaurant

My sister and I are hopeful to keep this business in our family another fifty years. That’s why we oppose misguided policies – like arbitrary bans on safe oil production. Continued safe, domestic oil production is critical to the state’s economy and the success of our business. It makes no sense to increase reliance on supplies from other states and foreign countries when we can benefit from the jobs and revenue here.

Brian Lalonde

Small Business Owner

I’ve worked in the energy industry for 40 years. It’s provided for me and my family, while also generating significant revenue for our state. Banning oil production would threaten my small business as well as funding for state and local services.

Steve Toth

Banning or taxing oil production will only make California less business friendly.

Bryan Bloom

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California consumes all the oil and gas generated in-state, but demand forces us to import more than 60% of our energy. Growth in alternative energy sources will help meet some future demand, but as long as oil is necessary, it should come from local sources rather than from countries like Russia and in the Middle East with fewer regulations and environmental protections.

Energy independence

Energy independence

In-state production reduces our dependence on foreign oil.

Billions in benefits

Billions in benefits

California production generates billions in tax revenue for local services.

Putting ca to work

Putting ca to work

Local energy production means high-paying jobs for Californians.

Environmental benefits

Environmental benefits

Oil produced in California is the most regulated in the world.

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    Karen Hanretty Named Communications Director

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    Californians for Energy Independence has named Karen Hanretty as its Communications Director, replacing Sabrina Lockhart. Hanretty joins Californians for Energy Independence with over 15 years of experience in media relations and public affairs. This wealth of experience includes managing communications for political, corporate, and non-profit clients. Previously Hanretty has served as the Managing Director for the largest independent public relations firm in Washington DC, a private political consultant, and the Vice President of Public Affairs for The American Beverage Association. At The American Beverage Association, Hanretty specialized in strategic communications, issue advocacy, and developing media strategies across all media platforms. Aside...

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    (SACRAMENTO, CA) – Following the release of an independent scientific study on hydraulic fracturing in California by the California Council on Science and Technology (CCST) and Berkeley Lab, Californians for Energy Independence issued this statement: "This sound science, coupled with the most comprehensive oil regulations in the nation, ensures California remains on a path of responsible production to secure our state's energy needs. Producing oil and gas here, under our toughest-in-the-nation standards, creates affordable energy for Californians and reduces our dependence on foreign oil while protecting quality jobs and revenue for vital programs," said Sabrina Lockhart, communications director...


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  • In Case You Missed It: Oil industry provides much-needed jobs

    Press Releases | October 16, 2015 | by CEI Staff

    A recent op ed by Cheryl Branch, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches, detailed the tremendous opportunities provided by California’s oil and gas industry and the need for continued domestic energy production. "Activists have been agitating to end all oil production in the state with no alternative to the quality jobs that would be lost or the billions in tax revenue that goes to our communities. These quality jobs are the kind of jobs that our city needs and should protect. These are the jobs that build and...


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