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Oil and gas production has been a vital part of Monterey County's community since the 1940s, providing safe, reliable energy for Californians. Join us to protect local jobs and the people who keep Monterey County moving.

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Monterey County Oil and Gas

Sustains Local Energy Supply

  • Local production in Monterey County plays a fundamental role in sustaining a reliable energy supply for the County’s 440,000 residents. Residents depend on oil and gas to produce their food and water supply, and the countless products they use every day.

Economic Impact

  • Local production provides the County with a safe, reliable energy supply to fuel cars, heat homes, power businesses, grow food and produce everyday products. Property taxes are the County’s largest source of revenue, and are used support schools, health, and public safety.

Stringent Environmental Regulations

  • Monterey County and California lead the way in safe, affordable and environmentally responsible energy production with the nation’s strictest regulations. In Monterey County, more than 25 local, state and federal agencies oversee oil and gas production.

Progressive Industry Values

  • The industry is committed to producing affordable energy in a way that safeguards public health, safety, and the environment. We share the state’s commitment to an environmental future that strengthens working families, local employers, and diverse communities.

Monterey Study Key Findings


Supports Local, High-Paying Jobs

Monterey County's Oil and Gas industry supports roughly 900 jobs, $644 million in economic output, and nearly $70 million in annual wage payments to employees. Oil production is among the highest paying industries in the County, providing full-time jobs with upward mobility.


Tax Revenues Support Local Economy

Monterey County's Oil and Gas industry is responsible for nearly $50 million in taxes, fees, and other charges paid to state and local governments. The industry has provided millions of dollars in support for education and other non-profit organizations.


Supports Local Agriculture

Monterey's reverse osmosis water reclamation facility provides much-needed groundwater for the County’s agricultural industry. The facility purifies extracted water and releases it through shallow wetlands into aquifer recharge basins to replenish the Salinas River basin.

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Local Oil Production Is Important to California

Local Oil Production Is Important to California