Support Ventura County Energy Production:

Jobs For Local Residents, Increased Revenues For Local Services, Energy Independence

Oil production has been a vital part of the Ventura County economy for almost 100 years. Continued domestic oil production is critical to California’s economy and to well-paying jobs. California already has the strictest environmental regulations in place, allowing us to produce oil and provide jobs and revenues in an environmentally responsible way.

Today Responsible Oil Production In Ventura County:

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Say no to limiting oil production in Ventura County and yes to energy independence and jobs in Ventura County.

"Along the Central Coast, which includes the counties of Monterey, San Luis Obispo, Ventura and Santa Barbara, there are over 20,500 good-paying full-time jobs with benefits as a direct result of the oil and gas industry.

In fact, the statewide average wage for workers in the industry is more than $118,000, higher than the county's median household income, which is just over $76,500."

- Martel Fraser, President Tri-Counties Central Labor Council

"Oil and gas production in Ventura County likely bottomed out in 2017 and will grow in 2018 and beyond, especially if the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the Iran nuclear pact continues to drive oil prices higher."

- by Tony Biasotti, from Pacific Coast Business Times

"Oil and gas production has occurred responsibly in Ventura County for nearly 100 years and is a strong economic driver that brings high paying jobs and tax revenues to our community. By continuing to responsibly develop our domestic energy supplies under the most stringent environmental standards, we can meet our energy needs and support a vibrant community."

- Sandy Smith, Ventura County Economic Development Association