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Over 200,000 Californians standing together to support safe, affordable, and reliable local oil and gas production.

Drastic energy proposals will harm the economic vitality of the Central Valley and result in a shutdown of California’s oil and natural gas production, resulting in:

  • Massive blue-collar and union job loss.  Tens of thousands of jobs tied to the oil and gas industry would be impacted.
  • Increased cost of gasoline by up to $10 per gallon, according to a March 2021 analysis prepared by Capitol Matrix Consulting. Costing California’s working families thousands of dollars a year.
  • Near complete dependency on foreign oil imports, requiring an increase of 400 tanker vessels to offset the loss of production.
  • Loss of state and local tax dollars, eliminating billions of dollars of economic activity from production and tax revenue that pay for essential services in communities like fire, education and healthcare.

What community members are saying

“Drastic energy proposals to shut down our local oil and gas production would put thousands of blue-collar Californians out of work, especially in the Central Valley. That means more foreign oil imports to meet our needs, and even higher gas and utility prices for everyone. Our community is already struggling, we can’t afford less jobs and higher prices.”

Blodgie Rodriguez

Boardmember, Latinas Lead

“Some Sacramento politicians are pushing drastic proposals to shut down existing oil and gas production. That would mean tens of thousands of workers like me would lose their jobs…And all Californians would pay higher gas prices at the pump.”

Brandon Clark

Oil and Gas Worker

“Here in the Central Valley we provide a lot for California, but now at a time when we need support, some Sacramento politicians are pushing drastic proposals to shut down our local oil and gas production, putting even more people here out of work. They are leaving us behind at a time when we need help the most.”

Ryan Jacobson

Central Valley Farmer