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Include oil, gas in plan for future

How can we meet our energy needs, protect the environment, and create new jobs? Ventura County can begin to address this question by focusing on long-term planning that is based on sound scientific and economic policies that safeguard people and the environment. The oil and gas industry provides the safe, affordable and reliable energy supply our community needs to heat homes, fuel cars, grow food, power technology and manufacture products.

California oil and gas producers are leading the way in a new energy future that incorporates all forms of energy, including oil and natural gas, and renewables such as wind, solar and hydroelectric power. They recognize that renewable energy sources are a vital part of California’s energy mix along with traditional energy. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, by the year 2050, a mix of energy sources will still be needed to meet our energy needs.

California oil and natural gas plays a vital role in enabling the expansion of renewable energy, because traditional and renewable sources work best in tandem to provide affordable and reliable energy. That is why oil and natural gas producers are collaborating with renewable developers and investing in new technologies to lower the carbon intensity and overall costs of their operations. They are looking at different ways to make California oil and natural gas production carbon neutral.

As we consider our energy future of tomorrow, we must be cautious of falling susceptible to “quick-fix” political promises and instead take the time to evaluate factual costs and benefits of domestic oil and gas production.

Brian Robertson, Ventura.

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