Stop the extreme proposal to shut down local oil & gas production

We need your help: Email LA City Council Members by October 15 to voice your opposition to increasing the cost of living and importing more foreign oil

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Email the Los Angeles Mayor, Council President, and Energy, Climate Change and Environmental Justice Committee to let them know you oppose the Petroleum Administrator's recommendations on increased setback distances for local oil and gas production.

According to the City’s own report, implementing the recommended setbacks could cost the City more than $90 billion. These policy changes would threaten the livelihoods of thousands of working families and the businesses that employ them. And, increase the already high cost of living and force Los Angeles families on the brink of poverty into further economic despair.

We are urging the City to instead pursue policies that incorporate all of the above energy solutions, especially ones that do not increase our dependence on costly foreign oil. Email now before the October 15 meeting!