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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: San Jose Mercury News Makes the Case for Energy Independence
Monday October 27, 2014

Over the weekend, the San Jose Mercury News editorialized against local energy bans on the upcoming November ballot in San Benito and Santa Barbara Counties. The paper called California’s hydraulic fracturing regulations the toughest in the nation. Here’s what else the paper said:

“The scientific community's assessment of the environmental risks of fracking are insufficient to justify a total ban.”

“A practice tied to national energy supplies should not be regulated county by county.”

Read this editorial in its entirety here.

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IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Orange County Register Editorial: Report riles fracking foes
Tuesday September 02, 2014

The California Council on Science and Technology released an independent report Thursday, concluding that, based on scientific evidence, the environmental impacts of the oil drilling technology known as fracking (short for hydraulic fracturing), are “relatively limited.” More specifically, the report stated that “(g)roundwater contamination from hydraulic fracturing has not been observed in this state” and that “direct emissions of hydraulic fracturing are a small component of total air pollution and methane.” As to concerns that fracking may cause earthquakes, CCST said the practice – commonplace in California for at least a half-century – does “not result in a significant increase in seismic...

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Agriculture Leader Responds to Special Interest Attacks on Energy Production
Tuesday July 15, 2014

In response to baseless attacks about water use for energy production, Californians for Energy Independence today issued the following statement: “No one is more concerned about the availability of freshwater in our state than agriculture and California’s farmers.  It’s the lifeblood of our industry. The fact is that hydraulic fracturing uses very little water in California – less than 1% of all water used. And, the US EPA has found no evidence that it is a threat to groundwater.  Misinformation should not be driving policy,” said Barry Bedwell, President, California Grape & Tree Fruit League. The amount of water used in hydraulic fracturing...

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California’s Energy Independence Keeps Jobs & Revenue in Our State
Wednesday July 02, 2014

With Independence Day approaching, Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future today issued a statement regarding the benefits of California achieving energy independence: “As Californians travel by car this holiday weekend for vacations and celebrations, it’s also a reminder of how energy independence keeps jobs and revenue in California.  All the oil produced in California is used in our state. Banning domestic production hurts consumers by reducing energy reliability and could lead to price spikes at the pump,” said Sabrina Lockhart, Communications Director for Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future. Under Senate Bill 4, California has the most transparent and stringent...

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Energy Production Plays a Key Role in Valley’s Economy by Creating Jobs and Funding Schools
Saturday June 14, 2014

Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future today warned that a reduction in energy production hurts the state’s energy independence and would result in less tax revenues for Kern County to provide vital services. This morning, out-of-town and out-of-state special interest groups held a press conference in the Valley making false accusations about proven, safe oil extraction techniques used in California for more than half of a century. California has the toughest and most transparent standards in the nation regulating oil production. Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future is a coalition of education, public safety, business, ethnic, community and taxpayer groups...

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Center for Biological Diversity Continues to Use Scare Tactics Rather than Facts
Wednesday June 11, 2014

In response to a misleading and factually inaccurate 'report' released today by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future issued the following statement: "It's clear that the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) hasn't done its homework because the substances mentioned in the report are heavily regulated by federal, state and local agencies. Using CBD’s rationale would lead to an effort to ban home improvement stores because they sell the same household products that CBD criticizes in their report,” said Sabrina Lockhart, communications director, Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future. “CBD is continuing to use scare...

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Proponents Turn in Signatures for Butte Energy Ban that Will Drive Up Energy Costs, Put Jobs in Jeopardy
Thursday June 05, 2014

Following the news that proponents of a hydraulic fracturing ban initiative in Butte County turned in signatures, Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future discussed how this ban will threaten local jobs and increase costs for families. “This energy ban will put jobs at risk and increase our state’s dependence on costly foreign fuel sources.  Imported oil from overseas or other states will cost consumers more without the same strict environmental protections as we have in California.  At a time when Butte County’s jobless rate is higher than the state’s average and a gallon of gas costs about $4, this is...

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City of Beverly Hills Approves Hydraulic Fracturing Ban, Threatening California’s Energy Independence
Tuesday May 06, 2014

Energy Production Bans Increase Reliance on Imported Fuel, Which Could Lead to Higher Prices at the Pump Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future issued the following statement after the city of Beverly Hills officially adopted a ban on hydraulic fracturing: “While the city council’s action is disappointing, the final measure narrowed its scope from the initial proposal and is not an outright ban on conventional oil and gas production like other cities have proposed.  The adopted proposal was revised to track with SB 4 and further allows companies to petition the city in the future to conduct well stimulation techniques authorized by...

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Proponents Turn in Signatures for Santa Barbara Energy Ban that Will Drive Up Energy Costs, Put Jobs in Jeopardy
Thursday May 01, 2014

Following the news that proponents of an initiative to ban hydraulic fracturing and shut down conventional oil production in Santa Barbara have submitted signatures, Californians for a Safe, Secure Energy Future issued the following statement: “This arbitrary ban puts our state’s energy independence at risk, which will result in higher prices at the pump for drivers.  The demand for oil will not disappear overnight, so we should produce it safely and affordably here instead of relying on more expensive foreign imports. California has the strongest safeguards in the nation for oil and gas extraction.  Voters shouldn’t be scared into adopting a...

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Central Coast Bans on Energy Production Would Harm Workers, Hurt Local Economy
Tuesday April 22, 2014

California’s oil and gas industry provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and pays billions in tax revenue each year, according to a new study by the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) released this week by the Western States Petroleum Association.  In contrast, local proposals to limit oil extraction could threaten these significant economic contributions and increase the state’s dependence on foreign oil sources. The LAEDC study demonstrates the petroleum industry on the Central Coast is a huge source of jobs and economic activity.  Highlights from the report include: In 2012, the petroleum industry contributed to 24,210 total jobs on the...

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