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Strong manufacturing is good for everyone

The Hill | January 12, 2015 | by Bryan Iams

Why is U.S. manufacturing thriving? One reason is the availability of affordable energy. An October 2014 report by the International Monetary Fund showed that exports of manufactured products have risen 6 percent since the start of America’s shale-gas production boom. It’s a sign that plentiful, affordable natural gas is benefiting U.S. manufacturing. Low oil prices are helping as well. Read more here.

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Project would expand farmers' reuse of oil field 'produced water'

Bakersfield Californian | January 12, 2015 | by John Cox

Kern Supervisor Mick Gleason wrote a letter supporting the program. He noted the oil industry is a vital part of the county's economy, tax base and culture. "The same innovative spirit that has brought new life to old (oil) fields is also bringing additional water supplies to agricultural use to provide both food and energy security to our country," Gleason wrote. Read more here.

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Fracking: New York, California and the perils of ignoring science

San Jose Mercury News | January 09, 2015 | by Dave Quast

A fracking ban in California would be nonsensical. As one of the country's major energy producers as well as the third-largest consumer of gas and diesel on the planet, California has to use oil even as it slowly decreases in importance in our overall energy mix. That oil will have to come from somewhere. A ban on fracking would only lead to higher global carbon emissions, as the state would import more oil by rail and ship from countries with more lax environmental regulations. It would add to unemployment in the state's most economically troubled region as well as less...

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Study: Fracking Good; Coal Bad

Mother Jones | January 07, 2015 | by Tim McDonnell

As you might expect, the vast majority of the world's coal would need to stay buried. The United States is able to use most of its oil and gas in this scenario, because those resources are relatively cost-efficient to extract and bring to market compared to, for example, gas in China and India. In other words, according to this study, the US fracking boom can go forward full steam as long as the gas it produces aggressively replaces our coal consumption. Read more here.

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A sharp contrast in visions for America’s transportation future

Sacramento Bee | January 06, 2015 | by The Editorial Board

We don’t oppose responsible oil exploration and drilling. So long as we all depend on petroleum, it is better to produce oil domestically and adhere to this nation’s environmental laws than to offshore our pollution. Read more here.

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U.S. Interior Secretary Criticizes Fracking Bans, Citing ‘a Lot of Misinformation’

National Review | January 05, 2015 | by Jillian Kay Melchior

Recent local and state fracking restrictions are “the wrong way to go,” says Interior Secretary Sally Jewell. ...[Jewell said:] “I think that localized efforts or statewide efforts in many cases don’t understand the science behind it and I think there needs to be more science.” Read more here.

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Report may force CA media to admit Obama backs fracking safety

Cal Watchdog | January 04, 2015 | by Chris Reed

Now Jewell may have made it close to impossible for the California media to continue ignoring the Obama administration’s view by weighing in with KQED on what she sees as the poor logic behind local fracking bans. President Obama’s chief custodian of federal lands says local and regional bans on fracking are taking regulation of oil and gas recovery in the wrong direction.“I would say that is the wrong way to go,” Interior Secretary Sally Jewell told KQED in an exclusive interview. “I think it’s going to be very difficult for industry to figure out what the rules are if different...

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Interior Secretary: Local Fracking Bans Are ‘Wrong Way To Go’

KQED | January 02, 2015 | by Craig Miller

“There is a lot of misinformation about fracking,” Jewell said. “I think that localized efforts or statewide efforts in many cases don’t understand the science behind it and I think there needs to be more science.” Read more here.

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The Progressive Case for Fracking

Wall Street Journal | December 30, 2014 | by James Bloodworth

Some of the most vociferous opponents of fracking are liberals, yet the shale revolution has the potential to undermine some of the world’s most illiberal regimes, in the process freeing the U.S. from its bondage to Saudi Arabia, as demanded by progressives for decades. Thuggish governments in Caracas, Moscow and Tehran don’t much like shale either, which ought to endear it still further to democrats. ...Yet it is to recognize that American shale producers are engaged in a price war with some of the world’s vilest regimes. In that respect, the left should get on board the fracking revolution. Read more...

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Why are gas prices going down?

Yahoo News | December 29, 2014 | by Shawna Ohm

The world is producing a staggering amount of fuel. The U.S. in the middle of a massive energy boom thanks to shale and fracking and is now the biggest producer of oil in the world. The thing is - OPEC is not so crazy about that. The organization steadfastly refuses to decrease production to accommodate increased US production. Read more here.

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