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Jerry Brown Says Banning Fracking in California "Doesn’t make a lot of Sense"

Energy in Depth | March 23, 2015 | by Dave Quast

When one of the nation’s most celebrated environmentalists speaks about “ban–fracking” groups being too extreme, it’s hard not to listen. California’s Governor Jerry Brown has never been one to pull punches and this time is no different. Known to go head-to-head with big oil, Brown’s latest statements on NBC’s Meet The Press cuts right through the rhetoric. “First, fracking in California has been going on for more than 50 years and uses a fraction of the water of fracking on the east coast for gas particularly. This is vertical fracking for the most part. It is different. California imports 70 percent...

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Natural Resources Secretary and California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Confirm No Drinking Water Contamination

California Natural Resources Agency | March 10, 2015 | by Richard Stapler

California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Matthew Rodriquez and Natural Resources Secretary John Laird confirmed at a March 10th hearing: disposal wells for oil recovery are not polluting groundwater suitable for human consumption. The day before the hearing, the US EPA sent a letter formally approving California’s current plan to safeguard groundwater supply. Since July 2014, as part of an ongoing assessment by the State Water Resources Control Board, drinking water wells that were potentially at risk underwent repeated testing only to find no evidence of contamination by oil production fluids. These studies confirming proper disposal techniques and federal/state regulator agreement on the...

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Hydraulic Fracturing in California Helped Save the U.S. Economy

American Thinker | March 16, 2015 | by Chriss Street

A recent study done by IHS Research has credited hydraulic fracturing as one of the “shovel ready jobs” that helped lift America out of the Great Recession, creating an increase in employment of 1.7 million. The 70 percent decrease in in natural gas prices from $7.59 in 2006 to $283 mcf today, allowed manufacturing to expand faster than the economy for the first time since the 1980s. Those who have opposed fracking complain that with natural gas now 80 percent cheaper than “sustainable energy” like wind and solar, America is hastening global warming. Over the past nine months the price...

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The Hill: Stand Up to Junk Science on Fracking

The Hill | March 13, 2015 | by Thomas Pyle

Smart drilling practices in the United States have without argument, bestowed numerous economic and environmental benefits to our great nation. The innovations of entrepreneurs who have coupled horizontal drilling with hydraulic fracturing have had caused the U.S. to be a world leader in domestic energy production, while ranking number one in oil and gas production. All energy sources pose a partial risk in production, but science and experience consistently prove that hydraulic fracturing offers a substantial amount of rewards in comparison to the risks. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, for instance, explains, “When properly conducted, modern fracking is a...

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Fossil Fuels Will Save the World (Really)

The Wall Street Journal | March 13, 2015 | by Matt Ridley

The three main arguments that the environmental movement has pushed forward in recent years in regard to giving up fossil fuels is: (1) That they will be gone very soon; (2) they will be priced out of the marketplace due to alternate sources of energy; and (3) The climate will not be able to bear the consequences of burning them. The idea that fossil fuels are soon to run out is, at least for now, dead in its tracks. Over the past six months the collapse of the price of oil has been a direct result of an over-abundant stock. The...

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Facts about Fracking: Without The Energy Revolution, Job Growth Would Drag

Investor's Business Daily | March 12, 2015 | by Stephen Moore and Kathleen Hartnett White

As we all know from compelling employment reports for January and February of 2015, job growth is well on its way. So what’s the story? How can this be? Well, if those are the questions you’re asking, you’re correct to be asking them. It seems that the story of recent job growth is not being told in its entirety. The fact is, is that much of our nations hiring rates are going up due to low energy prices, which has unleashed a comeback for many industries. So who’s behind the lower energy costs? The shale oil and gas revolution…that’s who....

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Why All the Gas Price Stability? Try Looking at Domestic Energy Production

Michigan State University | February 23, 2015 | by Dennis Pennington

With all of the recent geo-political unrest in the Middle East, consumers around the nation may be wondering why gas prices haven’t sky-rocketed the same way they did back between 2004-2006. The cause of this stability is directly connected to the fact that our nation has increased its domestic production of crude oil and ethanol. The increased California energy production has caused our nation to be able to decrease its dependency and reliance on foreign oil. Alongside our increased energy independence, Americans have also taken to more fuel-efficient vehicles and have begun to drive fewer miles. The combination of production...

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Banning Hydraulic Fracturing in California: A Scapegoat to Halt Independence

San Luis Obispo Tribune | February 22, 2015 | by John Allan Peschong

Instead of only hydraulic fracturing in California, these often deeply flawed ballot measures deceptively ban all oil production – including traditional methods that have been safely used in counties across California for more than a century. The word “fracking” is one that taps into the emotional side of the conversation, which anti-energy extremists use to as a “straw-man” scare tactic to drive unreasonable reactions. Radical activists that want to ban California hydraulic fracturing, move from community to community and put into place their pseudo fracking bans on local ballots, potentially creating and increasing devastating impacts. The state of...

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Another View: Judge fracking on science, not hype

Sacramento Bee | February 06, 2015 | by Dave Quast

Bolstered by science, California’s policymakers have chosen to protect our environment and boost our economy. The more energy we produce in California, the more we will be able to provide affordable energy for consumers, create jobs, generate significant tax revenue and reduce our dependence on foreign fuels, all while lowering global carbon emissions. Read more here.

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A tale of two states and the perils of ignoring science

Contra Costa Times | January 24, 2015 | by Dave Quast

California -- the nation's third-largest energy-producing state -- has had a robust debate about hydraulic fracturing for the past several years. Because fracking has been happening safely in California since Eisenhower was president, there was no reason to act rashly. State officials moved deliberately, holding dozens of public hearings and looking carefully at the abundant scientific literature. Fracking bans were defeated handily in the state's overwhelmingly Democratic Legislature. Rather than giving in to a very vocal but scientifically challenged portion of his party's base, the governor and Legislature supported SB4, a sweeping piece of legislation that strictly regulates fracking and...

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