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ICYMI: Fractivists handed two major defeats

The New York Times / The Complete Colorado | May 03, 2016 | by CEI Staff

Colorado Court Strikes Down Local Bans on Fracking Colorado’s Supreme Court on Monday struck down local government prohibitions on hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, handing oil and gas companies a victory in a lengthy battle over energy production in the environmentally conscious state. In separate rulings, the court said a moratorium in Fort Collins and a ban in Longmont were invalid because state law pre-empted them. A lower court had reached the same conclusion earlier. Read the full article in the New York Times Stanford: No credible case for divestment On April 25, Stanford University – where [Tom] Steyer...

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ICYMI: Can the U.S. really go frack-free?

San Diego Union Tribune | March 19, 2016 | by CEI Staff

"I DON'T THINK THERE IS ANY QUESTION THAT IT CAN BE DONE IN A WAY THAT IT CAN BE OPERATED SAFELY AND DO SO IN THE LONG TERM" - DEPT OF ENERGY UNDERSECRETARY FRANKLIN ORR Renewable energy may be growing but the same agency last year projected that 62 percent of U.S. energy consumption will come from a combination of oil and natural gas in 2040. And while the Obama administration has sought stricter regulations for tracking on federal lands, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency last year released a study saying it did not find evidence that tracking "led...

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5 Reasons To Support California Energy Production

February 05, 2016 | by CEI Staff

Thanks to hydraulic fracturing – or “fracking” – California is helping America to become (almost) energy independent while producing oil under the nation’s strictest environmental protections.

“We have the most intelligent regulation on the drilling of oil in the country.” - Governor Jerry Brown
Domestic energy production has allowed gas and oil extraction to boom in the U.S., reducing our reliance on foreign oil from countries with fewer or no environmental protections. As the third largest oil producing state in the nation, continued ...

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Who are you going to believe when it comes to fracking in California?

February 05, 2016 | by CEI Staff

Who are you going to believe, when it comes to fracking in California: The California Department of Conservation? Or anti-oil activists? CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION 2015: “In California, hydraulic fracturing has been used as a production stimulation method … with no reported damage to the environment.” California produces 37 percent the oil we use. And every drop of oil produced in California stays in California. But that means more than 60 percent must be imported by train or by boat from other states and foreign countries. So when anti-oil activists say that California should keep all o...

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OPEC bets against U.S. fracking

USA Today | December 21, 2014 | by James S. Robbins

Prices are down because of a combination of reduced demand and dramatically increased supply, created to an extent by the hydraulic fracturing revolution known as fracking. ...There are strategic benefits for the United States because oil profits fund everything from the Iranian nuclear program to Islamic State terrorism to Russian military modernization. With lower prices, there will be fewer resources available to underwrite these dangerous activities. Read more here.

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PD Editorial: Don’t waste the gift of low gas prices

Santa Rosa Press Democrat | December 21, 2014 | by The Editorial Board

If gas prices stay low, Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, estimates that American consumers could gain $100 billion in disposable income over the next year. “It could make the difference between a good year and a great year,” Zandi told the Los Angeles Times. ...The windfall for consumers is accompanied by economic pressure on oil-dependent states such as Russia and Iran. Declining prices also are a problem for the Islamist rebels of ISIS, who finance their military ventures in Syria and Iraq by selling oil. Read more here.

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Drought forces environmentalists to rethink California fracking

Orange County Register | July 01, 2015 | by David Lavance

The truth is that the fracking facts are in. With the current drought situation, fracking in California has never been more under attack. The problem that still remains however, is a solution for any viable alternatives. The need to find alternatives for fossil fuels is up for little debate, but the advances in wind, solar and other natural sources are decades away from any sort of practical implementation. The cleanest fossil fuel is natural gas and banning California fracking just makes us more dependent on worse energy sources. A few of the key facts that should drastically...

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Long-Awaited EPA Study Finds Fracking Has Not Led to Widespread Water Contamination

Energy In Depth | June 04, 2015 | by Katie Brown, PhD

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is releasing its long awaited, five-year study, which finds “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systematic impacts to drinking water resources.” As many have noted, this is the most important study on hydraulic fracturing to come out over the past five years – a fact that EPA’s Science Advisor and Deputy Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Research and Development pointed to in a press release, “It is the most complete compilation of scientific data to date, including over 950 sources of information, published papers, numerous tec...

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Toni Atkins talks budget, fracking and taxes at press club

Sacramento Bee | May 21, 2014 | by Jeremy White

The energy extraction process known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, has emerged as a rallying point for environmental advocates who warn the technique is unsafe and want Brown to institute a moratorium. Atkins seemed to align with the governor when asked about fracking, saying it should be regulated but could help satisfy California's energy needs. "We are going to have to strike a balance in terms of how to protect the environment, deal with the concerns of public safety and the health concerns people may have, and also continuing to make sure we have oil," she said. "We are dependent on...

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Orange County Register: Op-Ed -- Anti-Oil Scaremongering Fails

Orange County Register | April 05, 2015 | by Carolyn Cavecche

The battle for energy independence produced a big victory in the small city of La Habra Heights and serves as an example for what many local governments across the state may soon face. In a record high turnout for the city, a resounding 57 percent of voters struck down a far-reaching ban on oil production. Activists have been using hydraulic fracturing as a stalking horse, but their end goal is to stop all oil production in the state. Instead of celebrating the fact that California has the nation’s toughest standards for hydraulic fracturing, they’re attempting to pass bans at the local...

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