Oil Production in California - Polls show no support for new taxes

January 01, 1970

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – The Public Policy Institute of California released new statewide polling showing that if an oil severance tax were on the ballot today, it would fail. Those in the camp that would support such a measure, that could potentially impose a 10 percent “oil extraction tax” for oil production in California is none other than California billionaire environmentalist, Tom Steyer. This tax would significantly increase the cost of California oil production. "Hedge fund billionaire Tom Steyer, who can afford higher prices at the pump and was the highest political spender in the last election, has floated an idea to increase oil...

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Long-Awaited EPA Study Finds Fracking Has Not Led to Widespread Water Contamination

Energy In Depth | June 06, 2015 | by Katie Brown, PhD

Today, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is releasing its long awaited, five-year study, which finds “hydraulic fracturing activities have not led to widespread, systematic impacts to drinking water resources.” As many have noted, this is the most important study on hydraulic fracturing to come out over the past five years – a fact that EPA’s Science Advisor and Deputy Assistant Administrator of EPA’s Office of Research and Development pointed to in a press release, “It is the most complete compilation of scientific data to date, including over 950 sources of information, published papers, numerous tec...

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