ICYMI: Caltech Seismologist Debunks Activists’ Accusations Linking California Earthquakes to Fracking

April 04, 2015

In a front page story in today’s Los Angeles Times, a Caltech seismologist invalidated extreme activists' false accusations linking hydraulic fracturing and earthquakes in California. According to the story: "In California, wastewater wells in the Los Angeles Basin are not believed to cause earthquakes, according to Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson, who was not involved in the USGS report. Earthquakes aren't observed to be clustered in oil fields in Southern California, he said. ... "In California, scientists say different oil extraction practices may be why earthquakes aren't occurring due to wastewater injection here. "One factor is that the Los Angeles Basin's petroleum deposits...

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ICYMI: State Oil and Gas Supervisor Confirms “No Contamination” of Water

April 04, 2015

In a Department of Conservation release detailing the state’s strict regulation of California energy production techniques, State Oil and Gas supervisor Dr. Steven Bohlen confirms: “To be clear, no contamination has been found related to oil and gas operations...” This statement is part of a memo highlighting DOGGR’s continued efforts to ensure strong environmental protections are in place to protect California’s natural resources. California’s SB 4, signed into law in 2013, created the strictest environmental protections and production regulations of any state in the nation. To read the memo, click here.

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