Defeat of Fracking Moratorium a Triumph for Common Sense in California

Energy In Depth | May 05, 2014 | by Dave Quast

The fact is that all Republicans and most Democrats in Sacramento – including the Governor himself, one of the most prominent environmentalists of the last 40 years – oppose a moratorium. They understand that scientists and regulators all over the country have confirmed that fracking is a fundamentally safe process that has not led to the negative environmental impacts the activists claim. They know that a better approach is to insist on a strong regulatory regime, rather than shutting down economic activity altogether. Read more here.

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Abstaining on Fracking Moratorium Bill

San Diego Free Press | May 05, 2014 | by Anna Daniels

Hueso’s staff member told me that the Senator was abstaining, pending receipt of a report that will be promulgated in 2015. Read more here.

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Breitbart | May 05, 2014 | by DANIEL NUSSBAUM

A California bill that would have banned fracking, pending a state-ordered study deeming the practice safe, was defeated in the state Senate on Wednesday by a narrow two-vote margin. Read more here.

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California Senate rejects bill to halt fracking

Reuters | May 05, 2014 | by RORY CARROLL

“This is the second time a house of the California state legislature has soundly rejected a moratorium on a routine practice that’s been deemed safe repeatedly,” said Dave Quast, California director of Energy in Depth, an oil industry-backed group. Read more here.

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Fracking bill fails to clear Senate

Sacramento Business Journal | May 05, 2014 | by Allen Young

Lawmakers allowed Mitchell to re-introduce Senate Bill 1132 today if the Senator thinks she can muster the votes. The bill failed yesterday on a 18-16 vote. Read more here.

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Gusher of reaction to oil report

Ventura County Star | May 05, 2014 | by Timm Herdt

Those billions of barrels of oil are still down there. It’s just that they can’t be extracted, not with today’s technology, not at today’s oil prices. Those in the industry had always been cautious about reading too much into the EIA’s initial estimate, even as economic-development cheerleaders were touting it as a signal of an impending gusher of riches and oil-drilling opponents were warning that an environmentally damaging era of fracking was about to be ushered into the Golden State. Read more here.

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Fracking moratorium dies in California Senate

Sacramento Bee | May 05, 2014 | by Laurel Rosenhall

Mitchell's bill failed when four business-friendly Democrats voted against it and three more Democrats withheld their votes. Read more here.

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Calif. Senate vote falls short for moratorium on oil fracking

Los Angeles Times | May 05, 2014 | by Patrick McGreevy

The state Senate on Wednesday failed to muster the votes needed to set a moratorium on the oil drilling technique known as hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, until a study determines that it does not pose a health risk for the public. Read more here.

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Fracking offers benefits in strictly-regulated California

Monterey County Herald | May 05, 2014 | by Bob Martin

All businesses, including (yes, believe it or not) farmers, are evolving and adapting to green energy solutions. It isn't an overnight quick-fix proposal. Until we are able to make that transition we need to be more "energy independent" as a state and nation, and not cave in to radical and scientifically incorrect views. Read more here.

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Downbeat fracking report: The rest of the story

UT San Diego | May 05, 2014 | by UT San Diego Editorial Board

Last week, Gov. Jerry Brown repeated his dismissal of the idea that oil would go away as a key energy source anytime soon. And Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, the San Diego Democrat, told the Sacramento Press Club, “We are going to have to strike a balance in terms of how to protect the environment, deal with the concerns of public safety and the health concerns people may have, and also continuing to make sure we have oil. We are dependent on it.” Read more here.

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